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Office Administrator

Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC
Job Description:
  • Remain current on relevant Department of Defense (DoD), DIA and organizational regulations, policies, and established procedures, and advise others – as appropriate – on appropriate correspondence types and actions.
  • Comply with Security Markings Program classification & declassification markings, DIA Correspondence Guide, procedures outlined in the DIA Technical Editing SOP, and other relevant standards; see listing of all Governing Documents in paragraph
  • Ensure consistency of expression, logical organization and development, readability, appropriate formatting, coordination of graphic materials with other document elements, and conformity of grammar and style to publication standards.
  • Compose responses to internal and external taskings, talking points, official letters, memos, and replies to various communications. Process, catalog, file, and maintain paper and electronic correspondence, messages, and other documentation.
  • Receive, track, log and monitor organizational tasking actions and sub-tasks.
  • Sub-tasks shall include receiving actions, entering them into an appropriate record, indicating an assigned action officer as specified by the on-site technical manager, and tracking status and completion of each action. File a copy of each completed action.
  • Consolidate subordinate element inputs into a smooth draft response for technical manager review and approval.
  • Maintain administrative records and files; and administer records management and forms control. Records and files may include personnel rosters, training records, and other files that support unit operations. Records and files may be either/both hard and soft copy (paper and electronic files). Provide timely updates & changes to keep files and data current.
  • Assist with maintaining the Office's website, primarily its SharePoint site’s contents, such as the office roster, and uploading documents.
  • Documents to be edited include: incoming and outgoing letters, internal and external memoranda, policy documents, civilian awards, military evaluations and awards, briefings, fact sheets, Letter of Instruction, and Congressional Notifications. Ensure documents are properly formatted and grammatically correct.
  • Correspondence includes: arrival and departure notices, military and civilian letters, internal and external memoranda, enclosures, endorsements, transmittal letters, minutes of meetings, talking papers, background papers, fact sheets, point papers, and briefing papers.
Sub-tasks include: consolidation of incoming information; word processing, typing; document classification; assembling completed correspondence and documents for review, approval and signature; making copies; retaining office copies in official files; preparing unclassified mail; preparing classified mail and packages.

Additional Experience Required: 
  • Must have the ability and demonstrated experience ensuring the preservation of sensitive matters under discussion whether encountered directly or indirectly.
  • Must have a general knowledge of the DIA organization, its mission, functions and activities; and a general knowledge of Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), Defense agencies, Military Departments and the Intelligence Community (IC) sufficient to understand general relationships to outside activities.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills; effectively communicate verbally and through written correspondence – must have solid grasp of proper grammar.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, & Outlook (strengths in PowerPoint & Access are highly desired).
  • Accurately and regularly type a minimum of 35 words per minute.
Working knowledge of the regulations, directives, policy & procedure for controlling highly-classified materials.

Option #1:
Education:     Bachelors
Experience:    Three (3) years’ experience in administrative or operational support to a Government agency, Intel agency or DoD element.  Two (2) years’ experience writing & editing consistent with or complimentary to the below job duties.
Option #2: 
Experience Only!   Five (5) years’ experience in administrative or intelligence operations support to an Intelligence Agency(ies) or a Department of Defense element; preferably supporting Collections Management, Targeting, Desk Officer, etc…Two (2) years’ experience writing & editing consistent with or complimentary to the below job duties.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled
Lauren Newton
Resource Management Associate
SoundWay Consulting, Inc.
Office:  571-210-0624, ext 120
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